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14 November 2022

It’s hard to update websites! I’ve put together an email list to keep in touch with you instead.

4 October 2022

The San Francisco Examiner has launched a Comix Showcase and I got to be in one! I hope to send them more stuff to consider.

2 January 2021

This Was 2020 is available!

29 December 2020

One of my comics was posted to a Facebook group and I realized I haven’t been good about signing or watermarking the images. I’ve done so (a little too late I guess). So now if I get re-posted and get the crazy amount of shares that comic received, at least people will know where it came from.

4 September 2020

I’m not doing Inktober this year! Instead, I’m doing Charactober! I had some help from the incredible Mel, who designed the list of character prompts. Check it out!

5 August 2020

Having decided to do a little cleanup and repair on Vidrio Cafe, I have done a few things here:

  • Refreshed the look of the page
  • Simplified the code that runs this site
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Patched a couple navigational problems
  • Made it easier to update
  • Added stuff!

What did I add? Well, this News section, for starters. You might also have noticed that the double-triangle buttons now get you to the first and latest comics, and the previous and next buttons are now single triangles. I think it’s much better, and I hope you do too. If you want to let me know, come say hi on Twitter!

Also, and I’m pretty excited about this, I discovered and added about 30 missing episodes. Most of them are at the beginning, so you might start there if you want to go looking for them. At some point maybe I’ll add an index… but since there are over 600 comics, don’t count on that happening quickly.

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